Al natural: así se ven algunas reinas colombianas sin maquillaje

Al natural: así se ven algunas reinas colombianas sin maquillaje

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Paulina Vega: Señorita Colombia 2013 - Miss universo 2014

Paulina Vega: Señorita Colombia 2013 - Miss universo 2014

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Las reinas de belleza nos tienen a acostumbrados a su aspecto impecable en las pasarelas y ante las cámaras: trajes suntuosos, tacones, peinados y maquillajes perfectos. Sin embargo, detrás de todo esa aparente perfección, se encuentra un realidad que muchas han decidido mostrar con orgullo, sumándose a la tendencia que ha venido creciendo entre los famosos de presentarse sin filtros y al natural en sus redes sociales.

Varias reinas de la belleza colombiana también se han sumado a mostrar a sus seguidores su aspecto más natural.

El País enlistó a 10 exreinas que decidieron exhibir la belleza real que hay detrás de su maquillaje.

Laura González: Señorita Colombia 2016 - Virreina universal 2017

Una fotico así casual,me dijo... así despelucaita, me dijo.

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Andrea Tovar: Señorita Colombia 2015 - Primera princesa en Miss Universo 2016
Ariadna Gutiérrez: Señorita Colombia 2014 - Virreina universal 2015

Polaroid time con my ❤️ @javierich 📸

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Paulina Vega: Señorita Colombia 2013 - Miss universo 2014


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Catalina Robayo: Señorita Colombia 2010 - Una de las dieciséis semifinalistas de Miss universo
Taliana Vargas: Señorita Colombia 2007 - Virreina universal 2008
Valerie Domínguez: Señorita Colombia 2005 - una de las 10 finalistas en Miss Universo 2006

Find Your Center 🙏🏼 “My life has changed so much,“ the man at Breitenbush told me. “ I go with the flow now, try to be in the moment, be spontaneous. I am a foreman, and even at work life goes much more smoothly. A year ago, I didn’t know what it meant to be centered. Now I do and I work at staying that way.” He looked around the camp, a nature retreat in the heart of the Willamette national forest in Oregon. “And I know how to get there too.“ For many years, I didn’t understand what it meant to be centered either. If I was that way for a while, it was more accidental than deliberate. It takes time, practice, and mostly desire and commitment to make staying centered a way of life. But the time it takes is worth it. Learn what it feels like to be centered, to be balanced. Learn what it feels like to be off center. Learn to tell the difference. Then, learn to come back to center as quickly as possible. Quiet. Relaxed. Feeling right about what you’re doing. On track. In harmony. At peace. In balance. No turbulent emotions racing through you. No disorganized thoughts clamoring through your head. Your body feels aligned, and you feel connected to it. What you do and say comes from your Center. It feels right and honest. It feels like you, and you feel connected to yourself, your deepest self, your soul. Your heart ❤️ is open. And so is your mind. That’s the place from which we are seeking to live our lives. Find a way to get to that place, then go there often. Some helps include nature, listening to music, going for a walk, repeating a prayer, or forms of deep breathing or meditation. “It’s hard to find a place we’ve never been to. Learn what it feels like to be centered. Know YOUR CENTER IS IN YOU. Then go there often.”

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Carolina Gómez: Señorita Colombia 1993 - Virreina Universal 1994

"Light"...que hoy sea un día lleno de luz para todos✨ #FELIZLUNES

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Paula Andrea Betancourt: Señorita Colombia en 1992 - Virreina universal en 1993
Paola Turbay: Señorita Colombia 1991 - Virreina Universal 1992